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As you might have inferred from my increased activity on this blog, I am incredibly bored. The most I have to look forward to in the immediate future is a month-long internship at the Inspector General. It's still up in the air, but hopefully that will kick off next week. I might also be able to go to Pittsburgh this weekend, but that also depends on the kindness of strangers, by which I mean my car-owning family. Four people in this house, three cars. Guess who gets priority?

If you guessed "not mistersandman" you were right!

And because my allergies have basically trapped me in the house, I've picked up an old hobby to pass the time. I will admit, it is not the coolest thing I could be into.


My friends introduced me to the "Nuzlock Challenge," and I have been having a blast with that.

The rules, briefly:

1. You can only catch the first pokemon you encounter in every area.
2. You must nickname every pokemon you catch.
3. You must release every pokemon that faints in battle.

As you might guess, emotions can run pretty high. I've made my way to Fuchsia City,(though I've been rather lax about collecting badges) and it's been quite a ride!

ERIDAN (Nidoking) - A Good Soldier. Eridan has been with the team the longest. He's played many roles on the team and has never disappointed.

AFRODITE (Bellsprout) - Weed Control. Afrodite doesn't see a lot of combat. I think I put her in once. Mostly, it's nice to have someone who can CUT away bushes and tall grass.

CAPT.FATSO (Snorlax) - The Tank. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Captain Fatso. I caught him pretty recently and he's still sort of finding his place. I think I'll use him to take hits while I heal the rest of the team. Maybe I'll give him Body Slam or something.

MR. FISH (Gyarados) - The Messiah. For a while, all I had was Eridan, Mr. Fish, and a Butterfree. These were dark times, until Mr. Fish evolved from Splashy McGee into a fucking monster. After that, the good times never stopped.

JOKER (Haunter) - The Midnight Toker. I love Joker. I gave him Psychic, which makes him basically a god. He is also immune to many attacks, on account of not having a corporeal form! It's a shame that he'll never evolve, because I'm playing pokemon on my computer and thus I am unable to trade with anyone.  Also, he eats people's dreams.

Of course, there have been casualties. I lost MADREEFER (Ivysaur) and DEATHROCK (Graveller) in DIGLETT'S CAVE and YOUNGJEEZEY (Butterfree) in ROCK TUNNEL. Losing MADREEFER and DEATHROCK was especially hard, since the two of them were my power hitters (although both tragically weak to ground-type attacks).


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