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What the hell. It's four in the morning and the only 'work' I've done tonight is copy and paste two essays into a new essay with an unfulfilled promise that I'd mesh the two later. As you can see, I'm taking the STALIN final exam very seriously.

This just goes to show I can't handle caffeine. At all. I had a pot of Earl Gray tea around seven tonight, mixed with some Banker's Note Vodka and I'm still wired. In case you were wondering, Banker's Note is abominable. I thought it would be of a greater or equal quality than the oft-maligned-but-drinkable Vladimir, since it cost a dollar extra. It is absolut shit. Too disgusting to drink straight, we've taken to mixing it in just about everything we drink in small amounts in a desperate attempt to get rid of the stuff.

I've wanted to go on a cross-country road trip since I read On The Road when I was 16 and just figuring out my way around a car. Tonight, it looks like that dream might finally become a reality, on account of the fact that we just secured a car for the trip. SCORE. More details to come!


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